Membership Program

Do you want to be a part of the Calypso Customs Members Program? You do? That's fantastic!
Its easy and it saves you money in our shop and gets you tons of special goodies and perks!!!!
Available in two tiers. 
FOLLOW @Calypso_Customs for more details, or to reach me directly for any reason. Myself, or a member of my team will get back to you ASAP
No requirements, you just need to sign up on the newsletter, and you'll be in the membership program.
To receive discounts and perks at this level:
Be sure you create a free account here on the website. You'll then need to contact us before orders are made by either an email, or message our Instagram account:
We then make you a custom drafted order with your discount included, this is then emailed to you. Just follow the link to complete the purchase
Perks include
- 10-15% off items
- Access to our figure livestreams, discounts included
- Special perk freebie items included in all orders!
Monthly $20
Annually $200
Perks include
  • A permanent 20% off discount code on the site and in our minifigure livestreams. This code is exclusive to your account!
  •  Every month you can choose between a selection of custom designed Lego set instructions whichever one you'd like! You get one per month FREE
  • - 50% off instructions whenever they are released


- Only Pro members get discounts for our official parts Exclusive Series Figures
- Access to special custom figures and freebie perks only given to Pro Members


-  $75 orders get a bkb saber
-  $100 orders get a custom blank figure
-  $150 orders receive a figure case and random insert card
-  $300 orders receive a custom minifigure blind bag